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Sunday, January 22, 2017

ECM master-tapes warehouse

ECM's porn, folks... a treasure cave full of music... no dusty place, but a laboratory-grade warehouse for these gems.

Bravo to Manfred Eicher and his staff, more and more.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Super Discs Dept. - Jean-Claude Malgoire's Le Quattro Stagioni by Vivaldi

I recently made it up with Vivaldi!

His ubiquitous Le Quattro Stagioni was a true love&hate affaire for most of my life... 'til yesterday, as I got a pre-owned, pristine conditions CBS Masterworks' disc played by Jean-Claude Malgoire and his La Grande Ecurie & la Chambre du Roy, engineered by Georges Kisselhof and recorded as usual in his trusty recording "studio" - i.e. Notre Dame de Liban church in Paris.

The recording is - as always when GK's concerned -  is a masterpiece, period!

This sure supports my positive feeling and falling in love for this recording, but the playing is so liquid and harmonically rich, the melodies are well here, never mechanic and cold as in virtually all the bunch of Vivaldi's work renditions I previously "enjoyed" with an annoying mixed-feeling.

Jean-Claude Malgoire, John Halloway's inspired  solo violin and whole ensemble playing original instruments did the miracle.

A lovely, LOVELY disc and a sure must-have.

Recording - I gladly repeat and underline - is 2die4, as - I can now affirm - the music is;-)

Lenco Revamped!

I almost broke my back, but I took away and put on a shelf the mighty... ahem: bulky EMT 930st and its seismic base.

I swapped it for my beloved Lenco/Goldring G88 in slate plinth, with Micro CU-180 mat... in the next days, will install the matching slate/bronze arm pod with James Grant's Siggwan Cocobolo wood 12" unipivot arm from New Zealand and... you'd bet it?... a Lumiere DST freshly and masterfully serviced by Leonid Sinitsin.

This beauty remained far too much on a shelf... sadly, like keeping a Lotus Elan locked and unused in a garage.


Living music

... I'm playing every day as I didn't in eons... my Lanaro flamenco classical guitar, 700 grams of maple and red Paneveggio spruce, (pre-ban) ivory and ebony tuners built by my luthier after my beloved 1973 Oskar Teller, a nice guitar I had when I was younger.

My fingers are completely relaxed and I enjoy playing a lot... nuances are awesome, vibrato a joy.

Steel strings, well... are steel strings... nylon is like a voice.

Steel strings : solid state = nylon strings : tubes!

DRÖNA by Ikea


Ikea loves music collectors and audiophiles... by chance or not, their Dröna foldable records box, is an elegant (I got the above charcoal grey color), humble, cheap (at € 3,50/each) genius stroke to contain my beloved waxes... waiting for a new Kallax;-)

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Martin Brenner's Vinylista from Germany

Martin's Vinylista is a safe harbour for your 301, 401 and 124's...

Worth linking to this German manufacturer and his suspended plinth designs...


An useful recording tool


Interactive tool.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Super Disc Dept. - Hermann Prey's Mozart Lieder on Deutsche Gramophone (Japanese pressing)

Please fogive me for the awful quality pix (due to relaxing low, dimmed light in my studietto), inversely proportional to disc sonic and musical qualities!

Will sure try to take a better focused and hi rez pix in the next hours... only wished to share the SUPERB quality of this disc, pronto!

A masterpiece... singer, piano and (occasional) mandolin are HERE in my room, folks!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Embroidered Zoetrope

Vinyl-art at its VERY best!

... spinning round and round and round...

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Winston Ma's system

An hommage to an hardcore audiophile, a musical bliss seeker, who passed away last year...

Thanking my friend Reinhard and Positive Feedback.


Per aspera ad astra...


Thanking Glenn Gould and Harvey "Gizmo" Rosenberg

Audio Lover

… the above definition sounds appropriate, in my opinion.

Yesterday evening I visited my pal Franco at his place, a spacious room packed with a nice audio system and literally dozens of acoustic and electric guitars, open reels and stage/studio electronic gears and effects for guitar.

An heaven.

Audio lover… you know translating into my native language it becomes not only “appassionato audio” but also “audio amante” o “amante audio”, as you prefer.

Do you wonder what I mean?

I mean: like with a lover, un’amante, meeting with audio/music friends represents one of the highlights of our passion; when I get a visit at my studietto, the best seat, the Eames’ lounge chair and ottoman are my host’s, I seat off-axis, happy if my pal enjoys.

I struck myself to choose the best, seldom heard discs… the most obscure discs, the sought after promo copy or original open reel pre-recorded tape or master-dub.

Same happened at Franco’s place: he digged his shelves and truly cool gems surfaced and got spinned and enjoyed.

Like with a “lover”, literally un’amante, when meeting, only the best is offered: charm, empathy, elegance, smart chatting, sweetness, good sex… that’s the joy of a pleasant, happy relationship.

No, not sex among audio lovers, yet only the best hosting and empathy, as choosing the right music makes an evening a special one or an average, so-so one.

… to some extent: what’s friendship if not sex-less love?

Let’s cherish our audio (lovers) pals;-) 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Fred Neil - Sessions (1967)

Something happened, yesterday…

... during a quiet, lovely listening session, mostly devoted to the “new” vinyl discs I recently purchased at a local flea market, after some Bach and assorted harpsichord music by Gustav Leonhard, I felt the need to listen to something different… I mean very different.


I browsed in a discs-box and Fred Neil’s “Sessions” on Capitol (1967) re-surfaced.


I immediately recognized it as an original promo pressing with a “free” punched on a cover corner.


I placed the wax on Garrardzilla platter, put the peripheral-ring and the clamp and hand-lowered the Lumiere DST’s diamond tip on the disc.


The vinyl surface wasn’t perfect – i.e. assorted tiny pops and some wear-noise, but… when Fred’s voice began singing and those acoustic guitars interwoving and the low, nicely recorded double-bass also blossomed, it became apparent the surface noises weren’t disturbing the music and listening experience, at all!


To my surprise, I paid more attention to the phenomenon: it was like the vinyl noises where embedded in the dark studio/listening room background, while the music, so rich of nuances and bits, was simply more important and unaffected and popping out above mentioned pressing/worn out defects.




P.S. – the disc is a true masterpiece: Fred was the model after the late Tim Buckley made himself as Tim Buckley… roaring voice, superb 12 strings strumming… Mr. Tambourine Man himself – aka Bruce Langhorne is also playing his acoustic guitar… very cool idea leaving – thus the Sessions title – some chatting after the takes.

Highly recommended.

Neumann U87

A cool insight about the making of iconic Neumann U87.


ReVox uber alles!

The book to have as a ReVox' fan!

High quality coffee-table book... maybe a little pricey, yet VERY interesting and worthwhile to own.

Record of the Day - Alain Kremski - Vibrations - Improvisation pour piano et "bols chantants" tibetains (Auvidis)

What a strange, one of a kind record, folks!

Georges Kisselhof masterfully engineered it, recording at his beloved Notre Dame de Liban church, in Paris, near Pantheon.

The sound on this disc is simply unbelievable, like the music: a concert piano recorded in a nicely reverberant huge church, yet keeping all the details, pedals, felt, hands, breathing and the decay is so natural and beautifully blending with the (weird) tibetan bells ancient sound.

I love this seldom heard and seen record.

If you're into beautiful, meditative, lounging atmospheres, grab this disc.

You won't regret.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Arvo Pärt is the world’s most performed living composer sixth year running!

In September, Arvo Pärt celebrated his 81st birthday with a new album launch. Called “The Deer’s Cry”, the album features the composer’s vocal pieces performed by Estonian vocal ensemble Vox Clamantis and conducted by Jaan-Eik Tulve.